Kawana Trio

Film from the AFI/Zouary (Maurice) Collection of the Library of Congress.


Opening title identifies the Kawana Trio as "artistic foot jugglers." The camera iris opens to reveal three Asians--two men and a woman--dressed in kimonos and looking down. They raise their heads and look at the camera, smiling, as the iris closes. Another iris effect opens to a stage with a dark background and a decorated, cushioned platform center stage. The men now wear white leotards with sashes tied at their waists. One of the two men reclines on the platform with his buttocks raised and supported by the cushion and his legs up in the air. The woman, dressed in a white leotard with a camisole-type top, enters and is helped up onto the reclining man's feet by the other partner. Starting on her stomach, the woman is juggled first to a sitting and then a side-reclining position. The film cuts to a closeup of the woman's body and the juggler's feet as he flips her into various positions, and then back to the long shot as she is juggled on her knees, feet, and stomach; somersaulted to a sitting position; and somersaulted to her back and spun. The trio then take a bow to the camera from the stage.

Cont.: The film cuts to a longer shot of the stage with two platforms on either side and the woman standing by a smaller platform center stage and behind the others. With her "spotting" them, the two men position themselves on their backs on the two platforms with their legs facing each other, and take turns juggling and spinning a circus-type barrel and then tossing it to the other, all with their feet. After several times back and forth, the two men stand on the stage and gesture to the camera. The film then cuts to a closer shot of one man positioned on a platform in center stage. The second acrobat runs and jumps onto the reclining man's feet and is juggled and somersaulted. As the second man is spun in a sitting position, the film cuts to a closeup. The man also spins in a tucked position, and then back to a sitting one. With a final cut to the original long shot, the first man continues to juggle and flip the other. Closes with a bow to the camera from the trio.

Filmed ca. 1918 in Chicago.

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Commonwealth Pictures Corp.; Spanuth, Hans A. (producer)
5 april 1919


Hans A. Spanuth (production)
Kawana Trio (performers)
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