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Film from the Paper Print Collection of the Library of Congress.


Strong-man Eugene (Eugen) Sandow poses in a long shot on a bare stage against a black background, wearing only tight trunks and laced sandals. He begins with his arms folded against his chest, looking off screen left, then strikes a variety of poses that accentuate his muscular development. These positions include flexing his right arm with the fist to his head and face to shoulder; turning his back to the camera and flexing his upper arms and shoulder muscles; and, with his back still to the camera, stretching out and up with one arm at a time. Sandow then turns back to face the camera and performs a standing backflip. He closes in the same pose with which he opened.

Filmed ca. 1896 in the Biograph New York City studio.

K.R. Niver and the AFI catalog both believe this film was shot years before its 1903 copyright date, at the same time a Mutoscope card (copyright 12/18/1896) was produced. The AFI cat. gives an estimated date of original release as Sept. 1896.

See also the entry for this film on the Library of Congress American Memory website

American Mutoscope Company
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11 June 1903


Eugen Sandow (performer)
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Library of Congress
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