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Lengthening of the Twente-Rhine Canal to Almelo

Week number 50-33

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Enschede and Hengelo have a good connection to the large rivers via the Twente-Rhine Canal. Almelo, the third largest city in the industrial area of Twente, was also supposed to be connected when the project was visualised. But the already started construction was stopped in 1938. Now the construction has started again and the canal is lengthened. SHOTS: - Pan of a factory site (?) in Enschede with train tracks and sheds; - dockworkers unload an inland vessel; - shots of the place in the land where they are busy with the construction of the canal: a road and a railway; - shots of building activities: workers work on the construction of concrete piles for a to be constructed railway bridge: formwork is placed and running concrete mixers; draglines remove soil; a suction dredger depens and widens the ditch; the sucked up sand is used to raise the land elsewhere through a pipeline; - pan across a factory site (?) in Almelo with a narrow canal.

; draglines scheppen grond weg; een zandzuiger brengt de weggegraven sleuf op diepte en breedte; het opgezogen zand wordt elders via een pijpleiding opgespoten; - pan over fabrieksterrein(?) in Almelo met een smalle vaart.

Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator)
Publication date:
15 August 1950


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Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision