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The postwar reconstruction in the Netherlands: in Tiel the 50.000th house is finished

Week number: 49-09

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The construction of the 50.000th house after World War II in Tiel is now finished. The Minister of Postwar Reconstruction and Housing, mr. J. in 't Veld, unveils a commemorative plaque on the wall of this house in the presence of his predecessor, L. Neher, and former Minister of Public Works and Postwar Reconstruction, dr. ir. J.A. Ringers. Also shown are the so-called duplex houses: single-family houses that are build in such a way that two small families can live in them (temporarily, for as long as the housing shortage lasts). SHOTS: - city and street shots of Tiel; ruins from the war can still be seen everywhere in the streets; - unveiling of commemorative plaque; - construction workers at work in new developments; ext. and int. of duplex houses (living room, bedroom, kitchen).

Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator)
Publication date:
24 February 1949


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Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision