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Opening of the Pollak Theatre

Week number 24-35

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Great public interest at the opening of the Pollak theatre, invited guests and the public crowd round the entrance. - half total pan shot along the new Pollak theatre, build in the style of the Amsterdam School, on the corner of the Parade and the Nassaustraat. (During the war, in 1944, the building is bombed and destroyed). - at 00:23 close up Pollak sr - at 00:34 close up Pollak jr - at 00:46 close up Cornet, director of the theatre - at 01:00 close up unknown man - at 01:07 shot of three unknown men - at 01:19 close up unknown man and mrs. Paulien Tobben, domestic staff of the theatre - at 01:29 a small open lorry with registration number P 8796 enters the Nassaustraat, driven by Pollak jr.. In the background the Wapenarsenaal van de Cavalerie (Armoury of the Cavalry), which was taken down at the end of the 1930s, 25". - Business at the Parade, people arrive by cars and busses, a.o. the bus of the regular service form Eindhoven - Veldhoven, people on bicycles, 35". Crowd with mostly men. - High shot of the arrival of cars with invited guests in front of the building, lots of spectators, 25". - at 02:55 medium shot of the guests going in, on the left side officer Geurts, 16". - at 03:11 medium shot of the arrival of a class, group of school kids or orphans, with black caps, followed by men with hats, 58". The man, of the upper middle class type, who escorts the boys is Teeuwissen, notables in Venlo - sveral high shots of teh large crowd in front of the building, 32". Note: SOURCE: Huub Mans, editorial staff NOS Gewest programmes.

Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator)
Publication date:
3 October 1925


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Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision