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Stoottroepen in the land of Maas and Waal

Training of the men of the Brabantse Stoottroepen (Brabant Shock Troops, an infantry regiment of the Dutch Army), who were deployed near Vortum-Mullem across Affreden by the Maas for training and guarding; As can be seen in the film, the men were only lightly armed - rifle or Sten gun with sometimes a Bren machine gun - without combat kit or clothing, not even helmets.


00.00 Lookout of the Brabantse Stoottroepen in an attic in a barn. 00.03 Close up of an officer peering through binoculars. 00.07 The foreland of the partially flooded flood-meadows with a rivber in the background. 00.12 Lookout in an abandoned house. 00.19 Three stoottroepers in an observation post at the foot of some pollard willows. 00.34 Two stoottroepers in position in the bushes. 00.35 Sketching the buildings on the other bank, which is observed with binoculars. on the ground is a compass. 00.44 The barns and building on the other bank. 00.50 a stoottroeper joins his comrade "robbend" (crawling on hands and feet) across a muddy dyke. 01.03 An embrasure hacked into a wall with a Bren Gun. 01.07 Stoottroepers swarm around a mobile canteen, where they pay with paper money. 01.27 The stoottroepers next to their canteen. 01.37 The window on the side of the mobile canteen, where the stoottroepers are waiting for their turn. 01.50 Sleeve patch with the text Nederland (Netherlands). 01.52 The serving soldier in the mobile canteen counts the money. 01.57 A stoottroeper pays. 02.04 A stoottroeper leaves the group with his purchased items. 02.06 Bren setup in the bushes. 02.11 Sten gun at the ready in a hacked out loophole. 02.16 Recrutes side by side with their Sten gun at the , waiting for an order to fire. 02.25 They fire their weapons simultaneously and then walk to the targets put low above the ground. 02.26 Checking of the number of hits on the target, which has a portrait of Hitler on it. 02.39 Recruit sets up a PIAT grenade. 02.43 The projectile is placed in the barrel of the weapon. 02.56 The PIAT gunner with his weapon in position. 03.06 Patrol of stoottroepers existing of men with rifles and a Bren gunner cross the raid and pass a large cross, walk past a heavely damaged farm and sneak past ruins with a sign reading "Danger mines". 03.36 Rubber boots and combat boots walking ankle-deep in mud. 03.44 The patrol filmed from above, they sneak closely behind eachother across a property, split up, some enter the house, the others crouch past the building until they arrive in a shallow trench. 04.03 Four recrutes fire their Sten guns, standing side by side. 04.08 A stoottroeper fires his weapon. 04.14 The shooters head towards the targets and look at their hits. 04.37 The next four are ready, get the order to fire by the instructor and fire their weapons. 04.50 They take a few steps forward, then stop for a new salvo. 05.00 A stoottroeper cocks his Sten gun and fires. 05.06 End.

Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (beheerder)
Publication date:
1 November 1944


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Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision