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The Drees-Van Schaik cabinet collapses

Week number: 51-04

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The House of Representatives votes down a motion of censure by P.J. Oud of the VVD during the debate on the New Guinea issue. The VVD Minister of Foreign Affairs, D.U. Stikker, announced the motion to be unacceptable in advance. If, during the voting, the entire VVD party supports the motion Stikker will take logical step and resign. The council of ministers is of the opinion that with these state of affairs the four party basis of the cabinet has been taken away, decides unanimously to hand in their portfolio's and inform the queen of this. SHOTS: - At the Binnenhof a large crowd has gathered, they watch several politicians enter in succession: minister without portfolio L. Götzen; former minister P.S. Gerbrandy; chairman of the KVP C.P.M. Romme (with glasses); PVDA Member of Parliament J. de Kadt; P.J. Oud; D.U. Stikkker; Prime Minister W. Drees; Minister of Finance P. Lieftinck; chairman of the AR J. Schouten; chairman of the CHU H.W. Tilanus; - int. Ridderzaal (Knight's Hall); representatives are seated at their places; in the middle stand Prime Minister Drees, paper in hand, argueing on something; the members of the government leave the hall via a side-path; - Stikker walks away across the Binnenhof; - entrance of the Palace Noordeinde: Prime Minister W. Drees and Minister of Internal Affairs, J.R.H. van Schaik, exit and speak to the journalists; the chairman of the House of Representatives, Dr. G.L. Kortenhorst, enters.

Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator)
Publication date:
24 January 1951


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Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid