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A rush on the camp site

Week number: 51-12

Newsreels in which Dutch subjects of a certain week are presented.


Each year in the summertime lots of people from Amsterdam and Zaandam camp on the camp site in the dunes of Bakkum. There are no fixed spots. To avoid arguments over the camp spots, every year everyone gets a chance to conquer their own spot. For this, the camp site is divided into numbered lots. The people line up on the edge of the campsite and at a certain signal rush onto the camp site to conquer a number. Then that plot will be theirs exclusively. SHOTS: - A group of people rush onto the camp site and to the numbered signs; - a group of people are arguing; - some lucky few take direct possession of their plot by putting a piece of their property on it: a bottle of milk, an umbrella, a miniature tent or the like; - the people take their numbered signs to the administration office to register their plot; - some people drag in their stuff and immediately start to put up their summer residence; - one family has put up a tent and is now drinking coffee in front of it.

Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator)
Publication date:
1 March 1951


Original format:
Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid