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HELL 09/11

A search for ways to extend the boundaries of our physical identity and for ways to unleash the unpredictable body.


In HELL, Greco and Scholten delve deeper into the layers of dance, they explore the components of different directions in dance and look at how they are read and decoded. It is a search for ways to extend the boundaries of our physical identity, ways to unleash the unpredictable body.

In the creative process existing connotations of and associations with the notion of hell are broken down and deconstructed in order to be able to rebuild a new meaning. Greco and Scholten find their inspiration in both the visual arts, the performing arts and literature, more specifically in Dante’s Inferno and the allegro con brio of Beethoven’s Fifth.

By actually tilting the familiar historical point of perspective they add new meaning to these pieces and open up new entrances into existential questions.

ICK Amsterdam, Emio Greco | PC (direction and concept) / Erik Lint (video)
Publication date:
3 July 2006


Greco, Emio (choreografie, decor, lichtconcept, geluidsconcept, uitvoerende)
Scholten, Pieter C. (choreografie, lichtconcept, decor, geluidsconcept)
Bermúdez Pascual, Bertha (assistent choreografie)
Fukuoka, Sawami (uitvoerende)
Monaco, Nicola (uitvoerende)
Tunça, Suzan (uitvoerende)
Boomershine, Ty (uitvoerende)
Colomes, Vincent (uitvoerende)
Lopes, Marta (uitvoerende)
Sinnaeve, Marie (uitvoerende)
Portier, Clifford (kostuums)
Danner, Henk (licht)
Emio Greco | PC (producent)
Théâtre de la Ville, Parijs (F) (co-productie)
Festival Montpellier Dance 2006, Montpellier (F) (co-productie)
Maison de la Culture d’Amiens, Amiens (F) (co-productie)
barbicanbite07, Londen (GB) (co-productie)
Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana (SLO) (co-productie)
Julidans 2006, Amsterdam (NL) (co-productie)
Original format:
Magnetic tape