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The society raffles

Film from the Paper Print Collection of the Library of Congress.


Opens on a set of a nicely-decorated living room, with a door stage left and a settee in front of an open window in the foreground. A middle-aged man with greying hair and a mustache, wearing formal evening clothes, enters the room, looks around, and seems relieved to find it empty. He crosses to the window and signals, and a roughly-dressed "tough" appears. The two men talk, apparently making plans, and then the bandit ducks out of sight as a couple enter the room. A younger man, also in a tuxedo, introduces a woman in a white gown and jeweled tiara, then leaves. The older man invites the woman to sit. As he takes her hand and appears to court her, he cleverly slips the tiara off her head and hands it out the window to his waiting accomplice. The thief kisses her on the cheek, then checks his pocketwatch, rises, and excuses himself. The woman follows him to the door, but as she walks back to the settee she sees the tough at the window examining the tiara. She clutches her head and screams, then swoons in a faint on the sofa as the bandit runs away.

Filmed Nov. 24, 1905, in the Biograph New York City studio.

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American Mutoscope and Biograph Company
Publication date:
6 December 1905


Dobson, F. A. (camera)
Original format:
Library of Congress