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Edit Nederlandsche Basalt Maatschappij
Nederlandsche Basalt Maatschappij
Corporate film about the Dutch asphalt industry. (50:11) 01 Jan 1925
Edit Delft
Documentary about Delft. (21:35) 01 Jan 1922
Edit Van steenkool tot gas
Van steenkool tot gas
A corporate film about the municipal gasworks in The Hague (the Gemeente Gasfabrieken te 's-Gravenhage). (58:43) 01 Jan 1924
Edit Schilderachtig Oud Amsterdam
Schilderachtig Oud Amsterdam
Documentary about public housing in Amsterdam. (02:55) 01 Jan 1920
Edit Arnhem en omstreken
Arnhem en omstreken
Documentary about Arnhem, Oosterbeek, Velp, De Steeg, and DierenArnhem and Surroudings gives an attractive picture of the city and its surroundings. (24:47) 01 Jan 1919
Edit Als het vacantie wordt ...
Als het vacantie wordt ...
Promotional film to convince people to go on holiday in their own country. (05:56) 01 Jan 1926
Edit Argentijnsche vlees, Het
Argentijnsche vlees, Het
Promotional film for meat from Argentina and Uruguay, with an emphasis on the modern design of the slaughterhouses, freezing, and hygiene. (16:29) 01 Jan 1920
Edit Celebes
Travelogue with images of indigenous peoples from Indonesia, including Dayaks and Torajas, as well as shots of Komodo dragons (giant carnivorous lizards). (08:55) 01 Jan 1950
Edit Mooi Amsterdam
Mooi Amsterdam
Documentary about Amsterdam, with much attention paid to the architecture of the city. (17:07) 01 Jan 1930
Edit Met de bemanning van het oorlogsschip 'Pittsburg' door onze ...
Met de bemanning van het oorlogsschip 'Pittsburg' door onze havens
Report about the presence of the U.S. warship Pittsburgh in the port of Amsterdam. (08:29) 01 Jan 1929

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