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Edit He Did and He Didn't
He Did and He Didn't
Short comedy in which two rivals both dream about strange situations in which they attack people. (15:38) 01 Jan 1916
Edit Great love, A
Great love, A
Melodrama about Kenneth’s love for Nelly, and how she bore him a daughter. (12:32) 01 Jan 1916
Edit Operating on Cupid
Operating on Cupid
A short comic film in which a young man has himself admitted to the hospital so as to see more of his girlfriend (who is a nurse there), to the displeasure ... (10:35) 01 Jan 1915
Edit Oorlog
Short parody of the war, with adult men who play “war games”. (14:29) 01 Jan 1915
Edit Muzikale buren, De
Muzikale buren, De
A farce about a quarrel between a musical family and their neighbours. (13:33) 01 Jan 1915
Edit Love, Speed and Thrills
Love, Speed and Thrills
A chase film in which a man (named Walrus) kidnaps the wife of his benefactor (Ambrose); a wild chase then ensues. (14:12) 01 Jan 1915
Edit Ham and the Jitney Bus
Ham and the Jitney Bus
A short comic film in which a bickering duo start a taxi company. (12:18) 01 Jan 1915
Edit Gaby's Gasoline Glide
Gaby's Gasoline Glide
Comic action film in which two men pursue the same woman. (18:04) 01 Jan 1915
Edit Frank Merriwell in Arizona
Frank Merriwell in Arizona
Anti-alcohol drama based on a popular series about the clever and sporty hero Frank Merriwell. (27:51) 01 Jan 1915
Edit Fatty's Chance Acquaintance
Fatty's Chance Acquaintance
Comic developments surrounding the character of Fatty. (14:39) 01 Jan 1915

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