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Edit Hert, Het
Hert, Het
A silent informational film about how the red deer’s antlers grow, and how the deer use them. (09:28) 01 Jan 1917
Edit Worries and Wobbles
Worries and Wobbles
A farce in which a man comes home drunk, and locks himself in to avoid his angry wife. (13:16) 01 Jan 1917
Edit Betty and the bucaneers
Betty and the bucaneers
Romantic adventure film in which Betty, who dreams about pirates, and her father, a gullible professor, are tricked by a bunch of real pirates. (01:05:10) 01 Jan 1917
Edit Duitse torpedojager wordt de haven van IJmuiden binnengeslee...
Duitse torpedojager wordt de haven van IJmuiden binnengesleept
In januari 1917 wordt de zwaar beschadigde Duitse torpedojager V69 de haven van IJmuiden binnen gesleept. De schade was opgelopen na een treffen met Engelse... (01:16) 24 Jan 1917
Edit Glas-Industrie in Leerdam
Glas-Industrie in Leerdam
Documentary about the glass industry. (14:40) 01 Jan 1918
Edit Utrecht
Documentary about the city of UtrechtThis film is dedicated to Mayor Reiger, who had a great deal of influence on the development of Utrecht at the turn of ... (22:14) 01 Jan 1918
Edit Koninklijke Stearine Kaarsenfabriek Gouda
Koninklijke Stearine Kaarsenfabriek Gouda
Corporate film for the Stearine Candle Factory in Gouda, with shots of the building complex and the production process. (23:43) 01 Jan 1918
Edit Werkspoor
Corporate film about the Nederlandsche Fabriek van Werktuigen en Spoorwegmaterieel (Werkspoor)With companies like Beijnes, Allan, and Werkspoor, the Netherl... (02:19) 01 Jan 1918
Edit Master Mystery, The
Master Mystery, The
Episode of a serial in fifteen episodes with magician and escape artist Houdini in the lead. (09:39) 01 Jan 1918
Edit Somebody's Widow
Somebody's Widow
A comedy in which the widow Mary makes a bet with her friends that she can win over a writer named Jack. (14:58) 01 Jan 1918

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