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Edit VideoVortex #3 1.Andreas Treske
VideoVortex #3 1.Andreas Treske
WelcomeWelcome note at the Video Vortex conference in Ankara, October 2008 (08:49) 17 Nov 2010
Edit VideoVortex #3 2.Aras Özgün
VideoVortex #3 2.Aras Özgün
‘The Politics of A New Economy’“User generated content” has been a buzzword that defines certain technological developments gathered under the label “Web 2.0,” as well as a key element of... (42:49) 17 Nov 2010
Edit VideoVortex #3 3.Dominic Pettman
VideoVortex #3 3.Dominic Pettman
‘Love Me, Love My Avatar: The Libidinal Economy of Virtual Intimacy’  There is a popular conception amongst many Zeitgeist watchers, especially in places like the US, Western Europe and Australia, of the urbanized East as ex... (54:09) 17 Nov 2010
Edit VideoVortex #3 4.Kylie Jarret
VideoVortex #3 4.Kylie Jarret
‘Broadcasting the Neoliberal Self: YouTube, Agency and Power’Encapsulated within YouTube’s exhortation ‘Broadcast Yourself’ is the essence of the site’s promise to users. When engaged with the site they will have the ... (26:23) 17 Nov 2010
Edit VideoVortex #3 5.Sabine Niederer
VideoVortex #3 5.Sabine Niederer
Book launchPresentation of the Video Vortex Reader at the Ankara Edition of the Video Vortex conference series (04:58) 17 Nov 2010
Edit VideoVortex #3 6.Vera Tollman
VideoVortex #3 6.Vera Tollman
‘Always on your minds’ (video screening) How does one address these banally profound issues of everyday life? It seems to me approporiate to use the medium of television, which in its most familiar... (01:05:02) 17 Nov 2010
Edit VideoVortex #3 7. Michael Liegel
VideoVortex #3 7. Michael Liegel
‘What is going on here? Navigating multi-modal acoustic spaces’ Most research on interaction features discourse in one way or another (interviews, conversation, talk in interaction). Furthermore, it often focuses on sett... (36:59) 17 Nov 2010
Edit VideoVortex #3 8.Martin Koplin
VideoVortex #3 8.Martin Koplin
‘Participative and interactive : mobile media as eCulture’   Mobile media are a part of todays eCulture: they are potentially interactive and can support to create citizens participation in themes and questions of o... (26:32) 17 Nov 2010
Edit VideoVortex #3 9.Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen
VideoVortex #3 9.Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen
‘A Case for Distributed Video Comments’   Video sharing sites, most notably YouTube, offer video commenting features, but these features break with fundamental traditions of the web. They rely on ... (01:03:08) 17 Nov 2010
Edit VideoVortex #3 10.Michael Verdi
VideoVortex #3 10.Michael Verdi
‘Videoblogging: Networked Relationships’ Over the last four years the means of producing and distributing video content over the web have become nearly ubiquitous, leading to the beginning of the d... (33:05) 17 Nov 2010

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