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Edit Kampen
Documentary about Kampen. (14:13) 01 Jan 1920
Edit Valkenburg
Documentary about the ruins of ValkenburgShort documentary about the ruins of Valkenburg, which tower high above the picturesque Limburg town. (04:34) 01 Jan 1920
Edit Moderne wegenaanleg te Amsterdam
Moderne wegenaanleg te Amsterdam
The film shows how household waste is recycled into asphalt, and how it is then used for the asphalting of roads in Amsterdam. (59:59) 01 Jan 1927
Edit In een ver verleden in en om Arnhem
In een ver verleden in en om Arnhem
Images of the city of Arnhem and its immediate surroundings. (03:05) 01 Jan 1919
Edit Leven der bijen, Het
Leven der bijen, Het
A popular-scientific film about beekeeping. (25:11) 01 Jan 1917
Edit Otto en machine
Otto en machine
Corporate film in which a cigar machine is demonstrated. (10:57) 01 Jan 1922
Edit Enkhuizen
Documentary about Enkhuizen. (08:52) 01 Jan 1919
Edit Leeuwarden
Documentary about Leeuwarden. (12:35) 01 Jan 1920
Edit Hoorn
Documentary about Hoorn. (09:07) 01 Jan 1919
Edit Franeker
Documentary about the city of Franeker. (07:23) 01 Jan 1920

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