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Edit Jester, The (Narren Grappen)
Jester, The (Narren Grappen)
A (smoking) woman dressed as a jester uses tricks to make people, animals, and things appear and disappear. (05:40) 01 Jan 1908
Edit Heimkehr des Reisenden, Die
Heimkehr des Reisenden, Die
Melodrama about a couple who are in love, but who are driven apart by poverty. (08:52) 01 Jan 1908
Edit When They Were Kids
When They Were Kids
Romantic film in which a couple who have been together for fifty years reminisce about the time they first met. (11:48) 01 Jan 1913
Edit Skating in Central Park
Skating in Central Park
A lively winter scene with images of a crowd of people skating on one of the lakes in New York’s Central Park. (01:04) 01 Jan 1900
Edit Hurdle Jumping by Trained Dogs
Hurdle Jumping by Trained Dogs
Vaudeville act with dog and cat dressage. (01:06) 01 Jan 1899
Edit King John
King John
Death scene from ""The Life and Death of King John"" by Shakespeare, performed by Her Majesty's Theatre in London. (01:03) 01 Jan 1899
Edit Expeditie naar de Noordpool
Expeditie naar de Noordpool
A silent animated film about a trip by airship to the North Pole. (08:37) 01 Jan 1916
Edit Natuurwonderen
An educational nature film in which some characteristics of a chameleon and a snake in an artificial environment are shown. (05:26) 01 Jan 1915
Edit Voorbereiding openluchtspel
Voorbereiding openluchtspel
Weeknummer 28-14Bioscoopjournaals waarin Nederlandse onderwerpen van een bepaalde week worden gepresenteerd. (00:51) 01 Jun 1928
Edit Ringrijderij
Weeknummer 31-12Bioscoopjournaals waarin Nederlandse onderwerpen van een bepaalde week worden gepresenteerd. (00:54) 26 May 1931

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