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Edit Four seasons, The
Four seasons, The
A silent nature film about the changes that plants and animals undergo during the different seasons. (01:18:14) 01 Jan 1921
Edit All dolled up
All dolled up
A romantic comedy about a shop assistant who manages to prevent the robbery of a rich woman, and who then becomes wealthy herself, although she remains a ni... (37:38) 01 Jan 1921
Edit Park Your Car
Park Your Car
A once-act farce about two neighbours who purchase a car that they can use to go on drives with their wives. (08:57) 01 Jan 1920
Edit Pechvogel, De
Pechvogel, De
A comic two-act film with Western elements, based on an escape from the madhouse. (24:43) 01 Jan 1920
Edit Mucki op verboden wegen
Mucki op verboden wegen
A nature film about the captive monkey named Mucki, who eats from a pot of wheat. (00:58) 01 Jan 1920
Edit Eén dag koning
Eén dag koning
King Ferdinand of Sodonje (King Ferdinand Saronoff) is threatened with an attack. (23:26) 01 Jan 1920
Edit Boevenliefde (Some Shimmiers)
Boevenliefde (Some Shimmiers)
A comic one-act play from a series featuring the duo of Lee Moran and Eddie Lyons, in which an aristocratic a girl embraces someone from a pub in a poor nei... (15:11) 01 Jan 1920
Edit Heart Snatcher, The
Heart Snatcher, The
A farce in which the poor Lamo has to flee after he tries to rob a rich cinema operator. (19:50) 01 Jan 1920
Edit End of the game, The
End of the game, The
A silent Western about a love story that takes place during the gold rush. (54:18) 01 Jan 1919
Edit Charlie in Turkey
Charlie in Turkey
An animated film about the wandering figure of Charlie (known from the Chaplin films). (09:39) 01 Jan 1919

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