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Arrival and housing of people from Suriname in the Netherlands. Lots of people leave Suriname, dozens of houses up for salepaspoortkantoor; passagiers op luchthaven Paramaribo bekijken van afstandje groot KLM-vliegtuig.

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Bioscoopjournaals waarin Nederlandse onderwerpen van een bepaalde week worden gepresenteerd.

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Week number: 75-41

Newsreels in which Dutch subjects of a certain week are presented.


More and more people from Suriname emigrate to the Netherlands because of the increasing unemployment in their own country. In the Netherlands they are temporarily housed in a shelter in Soest. SHOTS: - (in black and white) People from Suriname arrive at Schiphol Airport; long waiting lines at customs; KLM bus transports the people from Suriname and drives a.o. along the blocks of flats in the Bijlmer; ext. shelter in Soest; handing out of clothing to migrants, who receive help with a.o. fitting their boots and gloves; int. shelter, where a man announces that the people can choose where they want to live, as long as it's not in the four largest cities, because they are "jam-packed"; - (in colour) ext. empty houses and shops in Suriname with selfmade 'for sale' signs; business at the passport office; passengers at the airport of Paramaribo look at a KLM plane from a distance.

Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator)
Publication date:
1 January 1975


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Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision