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Bioscoopjournaals waarin Nederlandse onderwerpen van een bepaalde week worden gepresenteerd.

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Week number 37-14

Newsreels in which Dutch subjects of a certain week are presented.


So-called sit-down strike of shopkeepers in Amsterdam after the heavy crisis taxes and charges. This "new" form of going on strike comes from America. SHOTS: - people in the streets in front of closed shops; - poster (reading: "Protest strike!! Against the crisis taxes and the too heavy burdens... We shall be fired or replaced by cheaper workers this summer!". Close up: "We're on strike, but will not leave this shop! This strike is not directed againts mr. David van der Stam but against the terribly heavy crisis taxes and charges, that make it impossible for the owner to maintain or raise our (wages?)!") - boys in front of shop-window (butcher?) looking inside; - int. of empty shop with a large group of people outside; - shop-window that a lot of people are looking through; - shopkeepers playing cards (butchers?); - sign (reading: "Our first priority is happy costumers"); - butcher (?) sits down, puts his feet up, pulls a blanket over himself and goes to sleep; - policeman sends curious people away from the window (filmed from inside the shop).

Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator)
Publication date:
31 March 1937


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Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision