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Bewerken Wanderer, The
Wanderer, The
A wandering flute player has a beneficient influence on a number of characters through the pure tones of his music as he passes by. (06:24) 01 jan 1913
Bewerken Mr. Toots's tooth
Mr. Toots's tooth
A short silent film in which Mr. Toots miraculously loses his tooth. (06:35) 01 jan 1913
Bewerken Little Hero, A
Little Hero, A
Silent comedy about the eternal antagonism between cat and dog. (04:32) 01 jan 1913
Bewerken Landverhuizers, De
Landverhuizers, De
Short Western film about pioneers who are attacked by Indians and Mexicans. (13:27) 01 jan 1913
Bewerken Laird of McGillicuddy, The
Laird of McGillicuddy, The
Comedy in which Charles retaliates when Louise breaks off their engagement. (15:34) 01 jan 1913
Bewerken Gerechtigheid
A Western action film about two men who escape from prison to take revenge on the person who betrayed them. (10:41) 01 jan 1913
Bewerken Egyptenaar, De
Egyptenaar, De
A comic one-act film in which a bellhop finds a stolen diamond and gets into an argument with the Egyptian thief. (14:35) 01 jan 1913
Bewerken Gokster, De
Gokster, De
Drama about Mrs. Dove, who is addicted to gambling, and even sells her ring to be able to play cards once again. (07:06) 01 jan 1912
Bewerken Lighthouse by the Sea, The
Lighthouse by the Sea, The
Two fellow sailors narrowly escape death during a hurricane. (14:46) 01 jan 1911
Bewerken Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe
Melodrama about a poet who tries to sell his verses in order to care for his ailing wife. (08:23) 01 jan 1909

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