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Bewerken Frank Merriwell in Arizona
Frank Merriwell in Arizona
Anti-alcohol drama based on a popular series about the clever and sporty hero Frank Merriwell. (27:51) 01 jan 1915
Bewerken Fatty's Chance Acquaintance
Fatty's Chance Acquaintance
Comic developments surrounding the character of Fatty. (14:39) 01 jan 1915
Bewerken Almost a scandal
Almost a scandal
A comic one-act film in which affairs of the heart lead to a duel, and a chase. (12:19) 01 jan 1915
Bewerken Natuurwonderen
An educational nature film in which some characteristics of a chameleon and a snake in an artificial environment are shown. (05:26) 01 jan 1915
Bewerken Storm en noodweer in Nederland
Storm en noodweer in Nederland
News item about the Zuiderzee flood of 1916, shown a few days after the disaster happenedA severe storm on January 14, 1916, caused flooding in many areas a... (07:03) 01 jan 1916
Bewerken Uit het leven van twee chimpansees
Uit het leven van twee chimpansees
Short animal comedy starring the chimpanzees Napoleon and Sally. (13:46) 01 jan 1916
Bewerken He Did and He Didn't
He Did and He Didn't
Short comedy in which two rivals both dream about strange situations in which they attack people. (15:38) 01 jan 1916
Bewerken Great love, A
Great love, A
Melodrama about Kenneth’s love for Nelly, and how she bore him a daughter. (12:32) 01 jan 1916
Bewerken Expeditie naar de Noordpool
Expeditie naar de Noordpool
A silent animated film about a trip by airship to the North Pole. (08:37) 01 jan 1916
Bewerken Leven der bijen, Het
Leven der bijen, Het
A popular-scientific film about beekeeping. (25:11) 01 jan 1917

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