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Bewerken In de olie
In de olie
A short comedy in which a husband has his wife believe that he is going into the oil business to make money, even though it seems that he is earning his liv... (25:54) 01 jan 1920
Bewerken Hoe men filmster wordt
Hoe men filmster wordt
A one-act film about a woman who gets offered a movie role. (05:21) 01 jan 1920
Bewerken Carborundum
An informational film about the production of silicon carbide, a synthetic mineral. (10:51) 01 jan 1920
Bewerken Uit den schoot der aarde
Uit den schoot der aarde
A short educational film about the origin of life, and the evolution of the different species. (10:26) 01 jan 1919
Bewerken Kuipen
Informative film that depicts the production of wooden barrels, from the tree to the finished barrel. (10:40) 01 jan 1919
Bewerken Hert, Het
Hert, Het
A silent informational film about how the red deer’s antlers grow, and how the deer use them. (09:28) 01 jan 1917
Bewerken Storm en noodweer in Nederland
Storm en noodweer in Nederland
News item about the Zuiderzee flood of 1916, shown a few days after the disaster happenedA severe storm on January 14, 1916, caused flooding in many areas a... (07:03) 01 jan 1916
Bewerken Rag Doll Romance, A
Rag Doll Romance, A
A short film with all kinds of comic complications between poor Mr. (10:44) 01 jan 1922
Bewerken Opwindende ochtend, Een (Schoolday Love)
Opwindende ochtend, Een (Schoolday Love)
A short comic children's film about a boy and a girl who experience all manner of adventures with a dog, a horse, a monkey, and other animals. (21:57) 01 jan 1922
Bewerken Accidents will happen
Accidents will happen
A comic one-act film about an insurance agent who has to sell an insurance policy to a reluctant client in order to win over the daughter of the insurance c... (16:58) 01 jan 1922

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